Yassica Islands

Yassica Islands

Yassica Islands

About Yassica Islands

The Yassica Islands are a group of five beautiful islands within the Fethiye Gulf. One of them, named Saytanli Ada is said to be the island where the devil lived. They say because he couldn't get into heaven he chose Yassica Island to live his life instead. There are ruins on the islands and in the sea between indicating that the islands used to be connected at some point, but no longer are. On visiting these beautiful islands and their surrounds you can see why the devil decided to call it home.

Things to do in Yassica Islands

This group of islands are quite small and so close together it makes them a haven for keen swimmers. You can swim to and from each of the islands within about 30 minutes. The closest of the islands are just 12 meters apart. As this area is not protected either, it is a great spot to take along your snorkelling gear to swim over ruins in the area. Maybe one of the most important points of interest of these islands is the submerged ruins of a bridge clearly being a link between two of the islands. Boats cannot pass here, but it is not to say that snorkellers and swimmers cannot follow the remains of the bridge along to the next island. On the largest of the islands, there is also a lagoon and sandy beach which is ideal for parents who would like to take their smaller children swimming.

The most popular way to visit these islands is on the Fethiye to 12 Islands cruise or on the Fethiye to Marmaris 4 day cruise. With no inhabitants on the islands, it’s a bit of a paradise for roaming and exploring at your own free will. Swimming is highly regarded but for those preferring to see the island on foot, there is plenty of foliage to admire.

Haci Halil Island is located to the south of the group of islands and one of the more known islands because of its history. The island is named after a Turkish man, who was forced to leave his home in Turkey and travel to Greece after the agreement between the Greek and Turkish governments who enforced a population exchange in 1923. On this island, travellers can expect to get a glimpse of the remains of Byzantine ruins.

Like most of the 12 Islands region out skirting Fethiye, these islands have a great view of the sun setting in the region. If anchoring down near here for the night, grab a drink and a blanket and enjoy seeing the sun dip behind the horizon. Following on from your time in Yassica Islands you are most likely to visit the other smaller towns, villages and islands in the Fethiye region including Tersane Island, Twelve Islands, Cleopatra Bath and St Nicholas Island.