Kekova Gulet Cruise & the Sunken City

Kekova – a small uninhabited island in Turkey. It’s a beautiful vacation spot, in the Antalya province, facing sunken ruins of an ancient town dated back to the 2nd century. It offers enticing views of serene blue waters, mystifying ancient ruins, with an opportunity to dive in the calm waters where permitted.

To get to Kekova, people mostly prefer the well-known gulet cruises that sail along the various islands, harbours, and bays of the Mediterranean. For those who don’t know, a gulet is a traditional wooden sailing vessel, popular for tourist and private yacht charters. Turkey is famous for these cruises where people can go for gulet cruises along the Turkish Riviera, with Kekova being a favourite spot among the tourists. It is a custom to spend the vacation taking blue cruises or private yachts along these wonders, and why not, considering the natural beauty this country has been bequeathed with.

Several gulet cruises allow one to sail to and from this island, including the Fethiye-Kekova-Fethiye gulet cruise which takes about one week to complete. This gulet cruise stays for a day at the Tersane Bay, where one can explore the ruins of a Byzantine church and Roman dockyard. At night, the cruise sails back to Gokayya, but not before the adventurists have had time to enjoy swimming and snorkelling amongst the mackerel and jacks as well as the ancient foundation stones of the Lycian city long gone.

The Farout gulet cruises take people from diverse backgrounds to the un-spoilt coves of Kekova for a reasonable price of 350pp only which includes a round trip from Fethiye. The Fethiye harbour itself is the point where the azure Mediterranean meets the Aegean Sea, and the gulet cruise stops at several sites along the Mediterranean.  You can also gather family and friends and book a private yacht charter by selecting your favourite gulet with 3 or more cruise members on board. The options include standard gulets, air-conditioned gulets and luxury yachts as well.

Other highlights include paragliding over Oludeniz (depending on the weather), visits to Butterfly Valley, St Nicholas Island, Yesilkov with its bay surrounded by lush olive trees, Kas, climbing over Simena Castle and viewing a Lycian sarcophagus in all its glory, Ucagiz Village, Bayindir Bay, Kalkan which is a harbour town with its old-world charm and cobbled streets and Camli Burun encircled by pine-covered hills.

A mixture of history and nature, flora and fauna, the old world and the new, mystery and charm, don’t miss out on this opportunity to fully immerse oneself in this remote part of Turkey. Take a chance with the multitudes from around the globe flocking to Kekova to get the most out of their vacations, all of this at a reasonable price and with many luxuries available on board.