Top Shore Tours to Take from Gulet Cruises in Turkey

Relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty of the Turkish turquoise coast is the main activity on any blue cruise, however, if you are feeling active and adventurous, there are a variety of shore tour options to fill your time while anchored in pristine bays or docked at any of the charming harbours along the coast.

Not only will your blue cruise gulet experience introduce you to a new level of relaxation, you will also have many options to actively explore the natural historical wonders that surround you. Prepare to be amazed by the scenery and history that this part of Turkey is famous for. Feel free to enjoy any of these activities, as they are all accessible from popular blue cruise routes that run throughout the summer months.

Oludeniz for Paragliding
Oludeniz Blue Lagoon is the most photographed site in all of Turkey. From land, sea, and sky, the view is stunning and should not be missed. This is a popular spot on the Olympos to Fethiye route and your gulet will anchor here for the day for you to enjoy all that Oludeniz has to offer. If you are feeling adventurous, you will have the option to enjoy the many paragliders floating high above in the sky. You will be transported ashore and then travel approximately 2,000 meters up the stunning Babadag mountain. All flights are tandem with a professional pilot who will also help you to take some incredible photos once you having taken off and begin flying through the sky. There is no better way to experience the scenery of Oludeniz.

Parasailing in Marmaris
If paragliding seems too intense for your taste, parasailing could be the happy alternative you are looking for. Parasailing is an exhilarating activity on the water and there are plenty of opportunities if your blue cruise includes in the bustling port city of Marmaris. You will be pulled by a powerful speed boat while a colourful parachute floats behind you and lifts you into the air. Companies will allow you to choose the amount of time you would like to fly.

Fethiye for Fresh Fish
Whether your cruise departs from or makes its final stop in Fethiye, make sure to save enough time to explore the highlights of this town. In particular, the fish market is always full of activity and provides a unique dining experience. Approach the market stalls and take your pick of the fresh fish on display. Shrimp, mussels, crab, squid, and many types of fish are available for your choosing. Then make your purchase and choose one of the restaurants lining the perimeter of the market. There, they will cook your fish and provide side dishes and drinks to accompany your seafood. Fethiye is known for this experience and it should definitely be an addition to your gulet cruise experience.

Bodrum Castle and the Museum of Underwater Archeology
If you are cruising from Bodrum to the nearby north or south Greek islands, be sure to take some time to learn about the history of this area. Bodrum can easily be explored in a day either before or after your scheduled cruise. Bodrum castle was constructed in the 15th century by the Knights of Rhodes and has an incredible view overlooking the harbour. The castle has an interesting story as it has evolved with changes throughout history. In its modern form, it now hosts the museum of underwater archaeology and several cultural festivals throughout the year. The museum has 14 departments and holds an impressive collection of artefacts retrieved from shipwrecks over the years.

Trekking at Simena and St Nicholas Island
Another popular shore tour option on our Olympos to Fethiye blue cruises is to stretch your legs and explore some of the natural beauty and history that can be found in Kalekoy village and on St Nicholas island. Simena castle is situated at the highest point in the charming village of Kalekoy. To reach the top is a bit of a climb but the views are spectacular and worth the exertion. St Nicholas island will be an evening stop while en route to Fethiye. Passengers will have to option to go ashore and freely explore church ruins that date back to the 4th and 5th centuries AD before finding the perfect spot to witness an incredible Mediterranean sunset.

Turkeys coast is famous for having regular visits from the most impressive yachts in Europe and the world. Attracted by the pristine water, magnificent bays and historic Islands, it is hard for everyone to resist a cruise along the Turquoise Coast. Also known as the French Riviera, Turkey attracts mega-yachts from the world over, there have been sightings of the top 10 biggest yachts, all visiting the best Mediterranean beaches and coastal towns in Europe. From the owner of Amazon’s mega yacht, the famous Azzam yacht which has fantastic interiors. Cruise the wonders of the Turkish coast in luxury to experience the best Islands in Europe and the Mediterranean, full of history and archaeological artefacts.