Best beaches, bays and gulet cruise routes from Kas

The small town of Kas that sits on the coast below the Akdaglar Mountains in South West Turkey has rightly gained a reputation amongst divers as a town to head for. Kas has always had a small harbour but in recent years a new marina area has been constructed to cater for the increased numbers heading for this part of Turkey. They are never disappointed.

Fancy a Dive?
Kas is equidistant between two international airports. Dalaman is to the west with the coastal road hugging the coast from Kalkan onwards. Antalya is east of Kas with the road once again largely tracking the shape of the coastline. The road trip is worth it in itself before tourists reach Kas to start their holiday on the sea.

While diving is not part of a regular charter cruise facility that does not mean that you cannot arrange a day’s diving with one of the local scuba diving companies. Others on the cruise may decide to just lie in a quiet bay and do absolutely nothing. What better way to relax!

Kalkan and Patara West
Cruise Routes from Kas heading west along the coast offer passengers plenty of chance to relax but also to swim and even fish for dinner. There are a series of small bays and coves all the way to the next town, Kalkan which has a small harbour and which is a good place for stocking up on fresh fruit and vegetables.
There is not much in the way of sandy beaches on this stretch but fear not; Patara has a long and beautiful beach and is situated just a short distance further.

Demre and Myra East
Eastwards towards Antalya, there is plenty of history and culture to enjoy as well as the obvious attraction of the climate and the sea. The region has been prominent since the time of the Lycians who lived here in the years before Christ. Demre is the modern town on the site of Myra, the original Lycian city which was the home of Saint Nicholas who is widely known these days as ‘Father Christmas.’

It is an obvious port of call on a Blue Cruise Turkey. Despite the mountains immediately behind this is a very fertile area that can provide your captain with all the things he will need to provide you with three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pomegranates are particularly good here but it is an autumn harvest so you may miss out. However, there are plenty of other fruit and vegetables and even greenhouses to extend the season for such things. The choice of where you drop anchor is yours with plenty of advice coming from an experienced crew.