Blue Cruise Routes to Take From Marmaris

As the largest harbour in Turkey, there are plenty of options for your Blue Cruise from Marmaris. Many cruises either begin or end in Marmaris, providing an ideal opportunity to explore this coastal town before or after embarking on your Mediterranean adventure. It is a bustling port town and has much to offer in the new centre as well as the old town that surrounds the castle. Cruises depart and arrive daily and your options are limitless, particularly if you might be considering a chartered blue voyage for your private group. However, there are plenty of cabin cruises also available with predetermined routes that explore many of the following destinations.

Marmaris to Fethiye to Marmaris
This option makes various stops as the gulets head east towards Fethiye. Expect days filled with relaxing on board while exploring stops along the way such as Ekincik, Cleopatra’s Bath, Fethiye. the Yassica Islands, and Domuz Island. From Ekincik, there are two shore excursion options that will take you either to Dalyan or Kaunas where you can opt for a riverboat trip or a few hours at the pristine Turtle beach where the Caretta sea turtles lay their eggs throughout the summer. Cleopatra’s bath was named after a wedding gift given to Cleopatra from the Roman general, Marc Anthony. The ruins of an ancient hammam still exist in this bay and can be freely explored.

Before turning around to return to Marmaris, this route makes a stop in Fethiye, famous as a mid-size port town with bustling markets, ancient Lycian rock tombs, and a beautiful harbour promenade. Be sure to enjoy a meal at the local fish market where fresh fish of any kind can be prepared to order. On your return to Marmaris, you will have the chance to island-hop and explore the natural beauty that the Yassica islands and Domuz island have to offer.

Marmaris to Datca to the Greek Islands
This route combines the highlights of the Datca peninsula with visits to the Greek islands of Symi and Rhodes. Making stops at Bozukkale and Bozburun before continuing on to the Datca peninsula, there is endless culture and history to be experienced in this region as Bozukkale is home to the ancient city of Loryma and nine temples that visitors are able to tour. The 50 mile long Datca peninsula is the meeting point for the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Because this pristine area is fairly difficult to reach by land (with many preferring to holiday in the nearby cities of Bodrum and Marmaris), this is a relatively untouched area with stunning natural beauty. There are plenty of hidden coves and beaches, only accessible by boat, and blue cruising is a fabulous way to enjoy this hard to reach places.

After Datca, your gulet will venture into Greek waters towards the Dodecanese Greek islands of Symi and Rhodes. Symi is the perfect place to watch the sunset and be sure to get out your camera while approaching the unique harbour with its 19th-century neo-classical houses and pine-covered hills. Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and can be explored in a number of ways. The island boasts a large medieval city and tours from the city centre can take you to beautiful spots located all around the 150-mile long coastline. The nightlife in the towns of Rhodes and Lindos are a great way to end your day after exploring historical sights and enjoying a delicious meal on board.

Marmaris to Gocek
This Marmaris Blue Cruise route makes many of the stops you are already familiar with, including Cleopatra’s Bath and the Yassica Islands. However, stops in Gocek, St Nicholas Island, and the 12 Islands are also included on this tour. Gocek is a small port town that has avoided overdevelopment from the tourism of this area. It is a quiet bay and although there is no beach, it is a great spot to anchor and swim from your gulet. If you do decide to ride ashore, there are a few charming shops and restaurants along the waterfront and an evening stroll could be a perfect way to end your day here. St Nicholas Island and the 12 Islands are untouched gems that are perfect for light trekking and snorkelling. St Nicholas Island is also known for its stunning sunsets so be sure to catch one before returning back to Marmaris.