Private Yacht Charters on the Mediterranean

If you want to avoid booking a room in a hotel and you desire to enjoy total relaxation, delicious food and superb swimming, combined with archaeological sightseeing, then renting a Private Yacht Charter in Turkey could be the perfect decision when planning your holidays.

Farout Cruises offers a variety of yachts, from traditional Turkish gulets and motor yachts to small and large sailing yachts. Carefully selected vessels will ensure that your family holidays in Turkey, will be an unforgettable experience of the best in class, quality and comfort.

Professional private gulet tour
You don’t have to worry about sailing because the crew of Farout Cruises will make sure that your worries will remain forgotten on the coastline and you will leave your senses to enjoying the beauties of the Mediterranean sea. While deciding of booking a private yacht charter in Turkey, we will help you to find a perfect gulet or a yacht, depending on your wishes, and will also advise you which itinerary would be the best for your group. The private yacht charter list includes different locations in Greece and Turkey and also a variety of possibilities of your base port departure.

The history of a gulet
Deriving from the French word Goulette, the Turkish word gulet, describes a traditional Turkish wooden vessel, usually made from the local pine. The gulets were, for a long time, used for transport and fishing along the southern coasts of Turkey. Nowadays, they are redesigned in comfortable boats for private gulet tours in Turkey.

Activities on the gulet
When choosing a private gulet tour, you have plenty of opportunities for swimming, snorkelling or cliff jumping as your gulet sails along the coast of Turkey or Greece. This wonderful way of sailing is commonly known as a blue cruise. On a luxury blue cruise, the food is prepared by the gulet onboard cook, who ensures you try out fresh local specialities. For the traditional Turkish breakfast on a private gulet tour, they usually serve bread, olives, tomato, cheese, eggs, honey and yoghurt. While the lunch and dinner represent the main course, combined with selected fresh vegetable salads, fruit or sweets. The luxury blue cruise will not disappoint your taste buds, with trying the local wines, beers spirits and fresh fruit juices.

Family holidays with a luxury blue cruise
Holidays constitute an important part of spending time with your family of the closed ones. That is why the tranquillity of sailing on a gulet, near the Mediterranean coastline, discovering different historical, archaeological and cultural sights, could not disappoint your family members, especially if they are passionate about the sea and sailing.

The luxury blue cruise also adds a romantic note to your adventure, with offering you the breath taking panoramic scenery of the sea and wonders of nature, while observing the sunrises or sunsets. Witnessing the clear marine blue waters and green nature of the Mediterranean is a true relaxation for your body and mind that is why a private gulet tour in Turkey will for sure remain a unique experience for your family holidays in Turkey.