Luxury Yacht Charters: Turkey to the Greek islands

On your next holiday in Turkey, why not hire a Turkish Gulet charter to explore the coastline and nearby Dodecanese Greek islands? This gathering of islands sprinkled where the Mediterranean meets the Aegean is best explored via a Turkish gulet. Even better if you have the opportunity to charter your own and explore the islands at your pace and leisure. When planning your charter itinerary, you have the freedom to choose your port of departure and arrival. Luckily, the Greek islands are accessible from various ports which you can choose based on your interests and travel plans.

From Marmaris
Marmaris is another option for those desiring the views of the Datca peninsula, in addition to some of the Greek islands such as Symi and Rhodes. The Datca peninsula is a secluded stretch with over 80 kilometers of coastline. As tourists traveling on land prefer to stay in the more easily accessible nearby cities of Bodrum and Marmaris, Datca has remained relatively untouched by the development of tourism. By boat, you will be able to explore secluded coves and beaches and truly have an intimate experience enjoying the natural beauty of the peninsula. From Marmaris is it also possible to explore the Greek islands of Symi and Rhodes? It is easy to even spend a few days on Rhodes, exploring the well-preserved medieval city and perhaps taking a day tour of parts of the coast. Lindos is another city on the island, approximately 50 kilometers from the city of Rhodes, and is also known for its ancient beauty as well as vibrant nightlife.

From Fethiye
Symi and Rhodes are also accessible from Fethiye, a lovely port town located along the coast between Bodrum and Antalya. If you prefer to begin in one part while ending your cruise in another, feel free to get creative with your itinerary and travel from Fethiye to the nearby Greek islands and end your cruise in Marmaris, for example. This type of itinerary will allow you to explore more of the coast and perhaps even stay a night or two on land either before or after your chartered cruise. Fethiye is a beautiful town to explore and a few days could easily be spent wandering the old town and the markets and taking long walks along the harbor promenade before setting out to explore the beauty of the nearby Greek islands.

Before booking your luxury yacht charter from Turkey to the Greek islands, take some time to consider what port your group would prefer to depart from (and whether you would like to return to this same port or explore a new one). The opportunities for relaxation and adventure are endless and chartering a yacht for your next holiday may just be the best travel idea you have had yet.

From Bodrum
The standard routes from Bodrum are bound for either the north or south Dodecanese islands of Greece. The northern route includes the islands of Kos, Aspat, Leros, Patmos, Lipsi, Kalymnos, Pserimos, and Xerokampos. Kos is the largest of these islands and is situated only 4 kilometers from Bodrum. The island is known as the birthplace of Hippocrates although travelers find their way here for the sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife. The remaining smaller islands provide the perfect opportunity to explore Greek island culture through food, markets, and smiling faces found in the many charming villages. The southern island route includes Nisyros, Symi, and Rhodes. Symi and Rhodes are especially well known and are visited throughout the summer by travelers of all nationalities. Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and Symi is known for its picturesque waterfront lined with colorful 19th-century neoclassical homes.

Of course, you can vary these routes according to the schedule and tastes of your group and the routes can even be combined if your time frame allows. A yacht charter to Bodrum is an ideal option if your group is interested in not only exploring the coastline and Greek islands but also the local history of Bodrum itself.