All Gulet Cruise Options to Take from Bodrum

Bodrum is the blue cruising capital of Turkey and many routes can be explored via the fleet of gulet cruises you see filling the harbour. Bodrum is the beginning and end destinations for all of the following routes so be sure to take time to explore the town either before or after boarding your blue cruise. If your travel plans in Turkey land you in this charming seaside town, be sure to hop on a scheduled or private Blue Cruise to experience the scenery of this exquisite part of the world. Cruises are available for all itineraries and budgets and experienced captains will expertly guide you through these hard to choose from routes.

For the perfect balance of small seaside coves and ancient ruins, this route through the Gulf of Gokova is the perfect choice. Orak Island is the first stop and a well-known diving spot in the area. You will find yourself surrounded by smaller boats on day trips with divers exploring the extraordinary underwater scenery. The island is famous for a vertical reef wall descending almost 80 meters. The island is also the perfect place for snorkelling or simply floating around in these crystal clear calm waters.

Your cruise on this route will then meander through the Seven Islands, an ideal place to anchor and explore the natural scenery. Lazy snorkelling and wandering around the preserved islands will fill your day at this stop. Karacasogut Village comes next on this route. Full of even more places to explore for nature lovers, the town centre is a close distance to nearby waterfalls, swimming holes, and caves.

North Greek Islands
The Greek island routes are ideal for those seeking to include some of the sights in both Turkey and Greece. Although this route begins in Bodrum, the gulet will pass through the northern Greek islands of this region before returning to Turkey to make a few stops along the turquoise coast. With plenty of time to swim and snorkel in many of the bays in between, this northern route makes stops at the islands of Kos, Pserimos, Xerakampos, Leros, Platanos, Lipsi, Patmos, and Kalymnos before returning to Turkey. There is always plenty of time to explore what each of these islands has to offer. The island of Kos, in particular, is a highlight along this route, known for its historical sights and sandy beaches. The harbour is dominated by a 15th-century castle and will come into clear view as you approach the island.

South Greek Islands
This yet another unique opportunity to explore the culture and scenery of two countries in one relaxing trip. The south Greek island route also includes the island of Kos but makes additional stops at Nisyros, Symi, and Rhodes before backtracking along the Turkish coast in the direction of Bodrum. This Bodrum Blue Cruise option explores islands known as some of the most population summer destinations for tourists from all over the world.

Nisyros is a volcanic island and is still relatively untouched by tourism. It is a quiet island with quaint cobbled streets and a few local tavernas and bars to enjoy. Symi is just a few miles off of the Turkish coast and is know for the rows of colourful restored homes along the harbour. It is a mountainous island with many small coves and beaches to explore. Panormitis, a small village on the island is famous for monastery that is frequented by Greek tourists.

You can also choose this shorter route which highlights Rhodes and also makes a few stops along the Turkish coast in secluded bays perfect for snorkelling and spending the night.
Rhodes is the largest of the Greek Dodecanese islands and the main city is home to a population of approximately 50,000 people. The old town still maintains World Heritage status and with its cobbled streets and sunny cafes, it is the perfect place for a stroll to take in the sights and local history. From the city of Rhodes, many options for day excursions around the remainder of the island are available. Rhodes boasts 140 miles of coastline with villages and resorts spread all around. The nearby town of Lindos on the island is also worth a visit for its vibrant nightlife.