Turkish Gulet Cruise: Best routes to book

Gulet cruises are a fabulous way to see some of the top highlights of Turkey. Full of stunning natural beauty and historical sights, the southern coast of Turkey is not to be missed. Not to mention the quality relaxation time on board while cruising from destination to destination. Many cruises either depart or arrive in the major harbour towns of Fethiye, Marmaris, or Bodrum. Each port has their own unique beauty and can be explored either before or after the following routes. Read more to find out which routes will bring you to the top destinations for swimming, sightseeing, and overall relaxation.

Olympos – Fethiye
Olympos to Fethiye is one of the most popular blue cruise routes, making noteworthy stops at Demre, St Nicholas Island, the Sunken City of Kekova, Simena Castle, Kas, Butterfly Valley, and Oludeniz Blue Lagoon. After a visit to the remains of the ancient city of Olympos, history buffs can finish getting their fill while visiting St Nicholas Island, the Sunken City, and Simena. With a breathtaking view from the castle after a steep descent to the highest point of the small and charming town, Simena is an unforgettable stop along this route. Kas is a picturesque seaside town with approximately 7,000 residents and is the perfect place to explore shops and restaurants along cobblestone streets and a enjoy spectacular sunset over the Mediterranean. Butterfly Valley and Oludeniz are natural wonders and some of the most beautiful in all of Turkey. Clear turquoise waters in both locations provide the perfect surroundings for hours of swimming and soaking in the summer sun.

Fethiye – 12 Islands
This route focuses on the highlights of the Fethiye island region and includes stops at Butterfly Valley, St Nicholas Island, Bedri Rahmi Bay, Cleopatra’s Bay, the Yassica Island, and Tersane Island. Butterfly Valley is an impressive sight with its 2,000 meter high cliffs dipping low into a secluded seaside ravine. Further along, the Byzantine ruins of St Nicholas island can be seen from the sea and the crescent-shaped bay here is perfect for anchoring overnight. There are a few opportunities along this route to trek through the coastal landscape and enjoy some breathtaking views from the highest points. The Gulf of Fethiye has much to offer and plenty of opportunities to enjoy both active and relaxing days.

Bodrum – Gokova – Bodrum
Beginning and ending in the culturally and historically rich port city of Bodrum, this route travels east along the coastline, making stops at Orak Island, Cleopatra beach, Seven Islands, Tuzla Bay, and Karacasogut Village. The first stop at Orak Island provides the ideal opportunity to take in the ruins of a nearby Byzantine village. Cruises along this route will then anchor at the serene Cleopatra beach with its crystal clear waters, perfect for an afternoon of swimming. Sailing through the Seven Islands is a unique experience and an exceptional place to spend the night. There are many hidden gems along this route that captains have knowledge of and will share with you along the journey.

Bodrum – North or South Greek Islands
Bodrum also serves as a launching point to the nearby Greek islands. Two route options take passengers either north or south and also make a few stops along the Turkish Aegean coast in this area. This route is perfect for tourist who might be having a hard time deciding which country to visit during their holidays. Enjoy the beauty of both Greece and Turkey with this scenic option. Island visits on these routes include Kos, Rhodes, Symi, Pserimos, Xerakampos, Leros, and many others, all while stopping to swim, eat, and relax in many of the beautiful bays in between.

Marmaris – Fethiye
This route includes both port cities of Marmaris and Fethiye, along with a number of serene seaside getaways that make this option diverse and full of impressive scenery. Stops along this rough include the Dalyan beaches, the Yassica Islands, Tersane Island, and Ekincik. Beaches in Dalyan are known for long sandy stretches and undisturbed surroundings that are well preserved for mating sea turtles. The Yassica Islands remain free from cafes, shops, or any facilities and it is enjoyable to swim from island to island.

These common gulet routes can be explored via scheduled cabin cruise tours or through private yacht charter Turkey.