Learn More About Turkish Yachts and Cruises

One of the best ways to enjoy Turkey is to take a cruise through its magnificent turquoise waters. This is where Turkish yachts and cruises come in. There are several Turkish yachts that you can choose from, as well as a variety of Turkish and cruises you can book for.

Destinations and Cruise Packages
If you are decided to enjoy your holiday onboard one of the best Turkish yachts, then you need to know what your choices are. The most ideal cruising line in Turkey is the expanse of coastline starting from Izmir (through Kusadasi), to Bodrum, to Marmaris, to Fethiye/Kas and then to Antalya.
There are basically four yacht charter locations in Turkey; the Iconian Coast, Carian Coast, West Lycian Coast, and the East Lycian Coast.

  • The Iconian Coast is a coastline with the best climate and it covers Izmir, Kusadasi, Gulluk and Bodrum.
  • The Carian Coast, on the other hand, is the most sought after sailing ground as it covers two of the biggest yacht cruise bases in the country; Marmaris and Bodrum.
  • The West Lycian Coast is known as the pirate coast because of its untamed mountainous shores along with several hidden coves.
  • The east Lycian Coast covers the Fethiye, Kas, Finike and Antalya range and it is full of rock tombs and other ancient ruins.

Crewed Turkish Yachts
There are two main options you can choose from if you want to sail on a Turkish yacht; you can either hire a whole vessel or you can join other tourists and visitors on board a Blue Voyage cruise.

With hired Turkish yachts, clients are provided with the best luxuries and the most comfort because they do not have to share accommodation and services with other people that they do not know. When you hire a Turkish yacht, you can also expect to have a say when it comes to the destinations. This means you can tour the entire Mediterranean Sea during your entire cruise or you can just make a few stops at some of the best ports in Turkey.

For Blue Voyage cruises, you do not have the privilege of being exclusively served by the vessel crew. You share the yacht, the service and the experience with other clients. The advantage of booking for this tour packages is that you can enjoy your holiday even if you are on your own because you wouldn’t really be alone. A lot of people choose this cruise because they like meeting new people during their travels. For more information on these cruises and about Turkish yachts visit the fleet and itinerary pages of this website.