FAQs: Yacht and gulets defined

What is a yacht?

There are so many different types of boats out there, but what makes a boat a yacht? There are many factors as to what is considered a yacht as well as different subcategories of yachts. The size of the boat is the key factor in understanding the different types of yacht. So how do we define the different types of yachts?

Luxury superyachts, also known as mega yachts are vessels that are over 24 meters (164 feet) long, privately owned, and have a full working crew on board.

But the main factor as to what makes a yacht a yacht is that yachts are solely used for recreation and pleasure, rather than to transport passengers or commercial goods to a specific place, as a ship would. A vessel defined as a ship also needs a crew in order for it to sail, but a yacht requires minimal human effort in order to make it move. To further define a yacht, let’s go back to the 1600s when the word came into use by the Dutch. The word ‘yacht’ derives from the Dutch word ‘jaght’; the Dutch navy used these vessels that were lightweight in order to move fast and capture pirates. Later on, King Charles II departed from Holland to return home to England in this type of boat, where his brother, James Duke of York decided he was to have his own yacht as well. They began racing against each other for fun on the Thames River and shortly thereafter all of the royal and upper-class people of England wanted yachts of their own!

What is an expedition yacht?
An expedition yacht differs from a regular yacht in the sense that it is able to sail on its own for long periods of time. This type of vessel does not need to be refuelled nearly as often, making it exemplary for people who are willing to spend extra money to make fewer stops at busy ports. Expedition yachts serve as the most peaceful option to escape the world and do nothing but sail the seas!

What is a bareboat charter?
If you or one member of your group is a licensed captain, we offer the chance to rent a boat without the crew, at a cheaper rate than if you were to hire the boat with crew. Bareboat sailing is possible with any type of boat from yachts to sailboats. But wait.

What is a charter boat?
A charter boat is essentially a private boat rental for a single group of people. If you are looking to take your family out on a cruise without any outside parties sharing the boat, this is the route to take. We can host up to 70 people on a daily charter and approximately 20 on a multi-day yacht charter.

What’s included in a charter?
Lunch, made fresh by a chef on the boat, a customized itinerary, and a full crew including captain, skipper, and chef. While you may save money on barebones charters, having a knowledgable crew and captain can make all the difference in your holiday at sea. After all, it’s best to trust the locals! We’ve got a great selection of charter yachts available.

But now tell me what is the difference between a gulet and a yacht?
What is a gulet, you ask? Made with pine, mahogany, and cedar, these boats are classic wooden yachts that are unique to Turkey. They are handmade right here in the Aegean Region of Turkey and a well-crafted gulet is characterized by its brilliant wood polish. They have both sails and motors, but many people prefer to spend more time sailing at a slower pace, rather than moving fast by the motor. They are different from yachts not only in the material it is made of but also because they are designed with the intent of cruising into shallow waters and bays. This is why gules are often chosen for those who want to spend more time in the water swimming and exploring small islands, rather than staying on the boat itself the entire journey.

What is a cabin in a gulet? Where do I sleep?

Gulets have cabins, which can range from simplistic, small spaces with just enough room for a double bed, to luxurious rooms with a full bedroom and window to watch the waves from your bed. No matter what, you will be given a proper bed to sleep on, although many guests prefer to sleep under the stars on the deck while at sea.

Just for fun: what is the fastest boat in the world?

Racing across the water at such high speeds is extremely dangerous, considering that in these types of boats the engine is an arms reach away from the pilots’ head. This has not stopped some ambitious (or crazy) people from competing for the title of the world’s fastest water speed record.

In the 1920s and 30s, the title bounced back and forth between England and America, the battle having been started by the English chairman of Castrol Oil, Lord Wakefield. In 1930, he provided the funds for the racer, Henry Seagrave to build a boat fast enough to break the water speed record. The well-seasoned racer, who had experience both on land and water miraculously reached a speed of 119.8 mph, only to fall to his death when the boat hit a foreign object in the water.

But, according to the Guinness Book of World Records in 1977. the fastest recorded water speed of a vessel was broken by Ken Warby on a handbuilt, jet-powered hydroplane at a whopping 511.09 km/hour (317.58 mph or 275.97 knots)