Bodrum Knidos Datca Marmaris

Bodrum Knidos Datca Marmaris Itinerary

Day 1

Bodrum, Bodrum Castle, Ada Bogazi

Bodrum is a port city located in the province of Mugla. It was once known as Halicarnassus, an Anatolian Greek city. Tour members will depart from Bodrum at 4:00 pm. The first stop on our tour will be the Halicarnassus Mausoleum, which was built between 353 and 350 BC. The tomb is known to be one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. From here, the tour will move on to Bodrum Castle and Underwater Archeology. The museum is set in the magnificent Bodrum Castle and has a total of 14 exhibition halls. After discovering history and cultural hotspots, the day will end at Adabogazi Aquarium Bay. The bay is perfect for a relaxing retreat, away from the hustle and bustle of Bodrum city.

Day 2

Knidos, Palamutbuku

Knidos Harbor is a beautiful port and bay that dates back to the Ancient Greeks. It boasts crystal-clear waters and is a popular stop for Blue Cruise boat excursions. As well as incredible waters, tour members can also view remnants of Knidos Ancient City. Monuments such as a theater, an odeum, and temples can all be found here. From here, we will move on to Palamutbuku. For maximum convenience, the spectacular sandy stretch has several facilities, such as cafes, restaurants, beach clubs, and sunloungers. Lastly, the tour will head eastwards towards the Datca Center. The quaint town has endless cobbled streets, bougainvillea-covered stone buildings, and numerous bays and inlets to enjoy.

Day 3

Bencik Bay,Orhaniye, Kizkumu Beach,Selimiye

Emel Sayin Bay, which also goes by the name Bencik Bay, is named after a national singer, Emel Sayin. It is located far east of Datca and was given the name due to its deep blue waters, which are much like the color of the singer's eyes. The next stop is Osmaniye, a popular boaters' destination in the Hisaronu Gulf. There are several beaches and a small settlement that provides a range of facilities. Our journey will then guide us to Kizkumu Beach, one of the sandy stretches within Osmaniye. The sandy walkway that leads into the middle of the sea gives the feeling of walking on water, which makes this beach unique and worth visiting. From here, we will visit the beautiful Selimiye, an unspoiled fishing village in Bozburun, where Selimiye Castle can be found, overlooking the village below.

Day 4


Dirsekbuku is situated in the Hisaronu Gulf and is one of the most enchanting bays in the area. The waters are as clear as glass, and the sandy sea bed, corals, and fish can be seen clearly from above. Although sheltered from three sides, it can be prone to northerly winds, which provide a refreshing breeze in the summer months. There is a small restaurant with a pier that serves food and drinks. From here we will head towards Bozburun, a small seaside town in Marmaris, parallel to Datca. It is one of the few towns in the surrounding area that has preserved its authenticity. With a mere population of 2000 residents, it is surrounded by pine-forested hills and warm waters.

Day 5

Bozukkale,Loryma,Serce Port

South of the Bozburun Peninsula lies Bozukkale. Translated as "broken castle," it was named after the ancient castle it was built around in 700 BC. Today it is known for its peaceful harbor, large loggerhead turtles, and scenic surroundings. The bay is also called Loryma, named after Loryma Ancient City, which will be our next destination The earliest evidence of human settlement here traces back to the Chalcolithic age, and remnants of the harbor fortress, acropolis, dwellings, and various tombs can be found. From here, our last stop will be Serce Port, an attractive bay in the Yesilova Gulf. The bay is sheltered and has a small restaurant along with views of olive trees and turquoise waters.

Day 6

Gebekse Bay, Kadirga Bay

South of Ciftlik Bay is Gebe Kilise Bay, also known as Gebekse Bay. Sheltered by all but northerly winds, the secluded inlet is a small haven. Snorkeling and diving are popular here due to the clear waters and rich ecosystems found both underwater and on land. Many species of fish, turtles, and other underwater creatures can all be seen from above the water. The tour will then head to Kadirga Bay, an incredible stretch of beach granted a Blue Flag award. Like Gebekse Bay, this beach is also known for its clear waters, making it a popular spot for Blue Cruises, excursion tours, and yachtsmen. Due to its incredible water conditions and rich marine life, scuba contests regularly take place here.

Day 7

Kumlubuk, Yildiz Island

Kumlubuk is a small seaside settlement located just outside of Marmaris. It is well known for being a tranquil seaside resort set in a spectacular landscape popular for ecotourism. Other main features at the location include walking tracks, warm beaches, a yacht club, fish restaurants. Heading northeast of Kumlubuk, the tour will stop at Yildiz Island, which is also known as Star Island. There are several facilities on the island, such as restaurants and beach clubs, making it ideal for day trips. The island is also home to Nimara Cave, which was constructed by humans as a worship site. It is a pivotal archeological site and one of the most important locations on the island.

Day 8


On the final day of the tour, members will depart from Marmaris at 9:00 am. One of Turkey’s most loved seaside resorts, the port city is set along the Turquoise Coast. Well known for its package holidays, boat tours, hiking trails, marina, and lively promenade, it is a great spot for relaxing and entertainment. The rugged coastline, which is made up of islands and thousands of inlets and bays, makes it an incredible destination for island hoppers, Blue Cruise tours, and yachting trips. However, for those interested in the history and culture of the area, Marmaris Old Town, Marmaris Castle, Carian Rock Tombs, and the Marmaris Museum are all important sites in acquiring its historical background.