Datca - Symi - Datca

Datca - Symi - Datca Itinerary

Day 1


You will meet your Captain at the arranged point in Datca and he will take you to the boat. Check-in time is 16:00 pm after meeting the crew and other guests we will take some time to tell you about your blue cruise and give information about the boat, once all guests are on board and settled we will sail out to the Greek Island of Symi considered to be the pearl of all the Greek islands it is a pretty place encompassed by some of the cleanest waters of the Mediterranean.

On your first evening, we will dine and anchor in one of Symi’s northern bays.

Day 2

Panormitis – St George

After a healthy breakfast, we will be sailing southwards to the harbour bay of Panormitis a crescent-shaped bay that is unique and as soon as you enter the bay you will understand why. You will be greeted by the 18th-century Venetian style Monastery of the Archangel Micheal Panormitis, patron saint of the island and protector of sailors, there are also two museums here and some small shops and cafes.
After lunch on board, we will sail around the southern tip of Symi and then northwards to Saint George Bay, only accessible by boat, this stunning bay has shallow then deep waters giving the sea a two-tone effect. The bay is protected by a sheer cliff face that looks like it has been cut by a butter knife and it is here you can enjoy swimming snorkelling explore the rocky beach before dining under the clear sky

We will stay overnight at Saint George Bay

Day 3

Nimos Island

A relaxing start to today and after breakfast, we will be sailing to the Dodecanese Island of Nimos at the northern tip of Symi. This island is uninhabited and the narrow sea passage between Nimos and Symi is 3.5 meters wide at its narrowest point, but not at all dangerous. The bays of Nimos are clear and the waters are warm making it an ideal place to stay for the day, swimming and relaxing.

Overnight Nimos Island

Day 4

Bozburun Comcalik

This morning sailing after breakfast will find us heading east to the Bozburun Penisula and to Comcalik Bay with its deep azure waters, Comcalik has been a place of skilled sailboat making for centuries with the knowledge being handed down generation after generation. Comcalik Bay has the most incredible sunsets and its the perfect way to end a day of sailing and relaxing.

Overnight anchored at Comcalik Bay

Day 5

Dirsek Buku

After a healthy breakfast, we will be cruising to Dirsekbuku. a circular inlet surrounded and protected by low lying hills, making the waters here calm and tranquil there is a small sandy beach but no highrise buildings or noisy hotels and the bay can accommodate less than 20 boats at a time, a small corner of heaven.   

Overnight moored at Dirsekbuku

Day 6


Aktur Bay is an absolute gem, here there is a long beach where the fragrant pine trees come down to meet the water's edge. In 550 AD the people here began to build a large tunnel defending themselves from the invading Persians, alas they were defeated. Aktur is actually two bays nestled side by side. Noted for its clean air, peace and quiet, and brilliant turquoise waters this bay won Turkeys bay of the year award, here you can fish, swim, snorkel or just enjoy some time doing nothing on deck, dinner will be alfresco under a carpet of stars.

Overnight stay at Aktur Bay

Day 7

Datca Aquarium

After breakfast, we will take a slow steady cruise to Aquarium Bay, where there are panoramic views of the mountains in the distance. The bay has a rural feel and is encompassed by hills that gently slope towards the sea. The waters here are extremely clear giving visibility with the naked eye of up to 30 meters and with the rocks here being covered in moss and algae the fish are abundant making this a great place for snorkelling and swimming if you are lucky you may see the turtles that come to swim and feed here.

Anchor overnight at Aquarium Bay

Day 8


Today we will be heading back towards Datca after breakfast. The last day of your Mediterranean cruise with us at Farout check out time is 09:00 am. We hope you enjoyed sailing with us, and if we can help with any of your other onward travel needs please let us know, we will be happy to help. You can also visit our chartered yachts page for more information and different destination options.