Bodrum Blue Cruise: The top places and beaches to visit on a gulet

With so many beautiful places and beaches to explore, and Bodrum itself being a highlight of the area, blue cruises that traverse this part of Turkey are full of opportunities for adventure and relaxation. Many gulet cruise Turkey routes begin and end in this port town so leave a few days before or after your reservation to explore the rich culture and history that Bodrum has to offer. Bodrum was previously an ancient Greek city known as Halicarnassus. The castle of St. Peter overlooks the harbour and is partly constructed from the remains of a mausoleum that once stood in its place before it was destroyed by a devastating earthquake. Bodrum has an interesting mixture of the historical, the bohemian, and the modern. Take a water along the marina to the west or along a long stretch of beach lined with shops, cafes, and bars to the east.

Gulf of Gokova: Islands, Bays, and Villages
Gokova is an area full of must-see places, including Turkish islands, striking bays, and charming villages. The Seven Islands and Orak Island are remote and untouched and are ideal for diving, snorkelling, and wandering on land. The English Harbor is another hidden gem. It is a bay, lush with greenery and calm water that is perfect for swimming. Sedir Island is filled with ancient ruins and the sandy and relaxing Cleopatra beach where you can easily spend a day exploring. The ruins provide the atmosphere of an open-air museum and you can walk around freely to discover the artefacts and ancient amphitheatre. Karacasogut village is a popular stop along the coast. The village is only 25km from Marmaris and is a lovely place to explore the local shops and cafes.

North and South Greek Islands and the Turkish Aegean Coast
Depending on which Bodrum gulet cruise you choose, the nearby Greek islands might be on your itinerary. Visitors have a choice between two major routes – through either the north or south Greek islands. These routes also make stops along the Aegean Turkish coast, creating the perfect combination of Greek and Turkish culture in one relaxing holiday. The northern gulet route travels to the islands of Kos, Aspat, Leros, Patmos, Lipsi, Kalymnos, Pserimos, and Xerokampos. The island of Kos is a highlight along this route, it is only 4 kilometres from Bodrum and is known as the birthplace of Hippocrates. Sandy beaches, rich history, and a vibrant nightlight attract visitors to the island throughout the summer. The remaining island stops along this route are filled with lush greenery, beautiful beaches, and local culture and history. Turgutreis and Aspat, both in Turkey, are also included on this route.. Turgutreis is the second-largest city on the Bodrum peninsula and the climate is ideal for windsurfing. The beach here is also a great place to spend the day and many charming nearby villages are only a short minibus ride away. Aspat is one of these villages. Aspat Bay is a small and quiet place with a view reachable by a narrow path leading to a stunning panorama of the area. Hikers will love this stop and for those interested more in a relaxing time, the bay also has a small and secluded beach to enjoy.

The southern route also makes a stop at Kos but makes further stops at Symi and Rhodes, two very popular holiday destinations in the area. Symi is a small island, less than an hour from Rhodes. It has colourful buildings that have been restored according to strict regulations. It is a mountainous island and there is plenty of history and nature to experience. Although it is ideal to visit Rhodes as part of a relaxing gulet cruise, it is also easily accessible by ferries making daily trips from Fethiye, Turkey. Rhodes is a much larger island with over 140 miles of coastline. The port town is full of restaurants, bars, and shops, with a castle and archaeological museum within walking distance. Be sure to join a tour group or rent a Vespa so that you can explore the rest of the island and perhaps even the vibrant nightlife in the nearby town of Lindos.

Bodrum is the paradise of a boatbuilder or yacht enthusiast. With hand-made Gulets being remarkably well made in Bodrum’s many traditional boatyards, it is not surprising that the main leisure activity in this part of Turkey is Blue Cruising. Find fantastic Itineraries visiting the best beaches in Europe, and discover the wonders of the Turkish coastline when travelling to Bodrum. With friends, family and other guests you can enjoy the adventures that await you here in Turkey, no need for the most expensive yachts, biggest mega yachts or super boats to visit the best beach towns and beaches in Europe.

Regardless of which route you choose, you are sure to enjoy your Bodrum Blue Cruise. All options include fabulous sights and food, and relaxing spots to enjoy the natural beauty that will surround you throughout each hour of the day.