Reasons Why a Turkey Gulet Cruise is the Most Amazing Holiday Ever

Typically gulets are found cruising between Bodrum and Antalya and options are virtually endless for routes that cruise east and west along the coast and to the nearby Greek islands. Much of the coastline is untouched and uninhabited and the best way to explore the many serene bays and intimate beaches is via a traditional Turkish gulet. Blue Cruises, as they have come to be known over the years, are relaxing, invigorating, and provide plenty of opportunities to explore the local history and culture. Traditional style wooden gulet boats equipped with full kitchens and comfortable cabins provide the perfect environment to enjoy pristine bays and charming seaside villages. If you have yet to be convinced, keep reading to discover why a Turkey gulet cruise is the most amazing holiday ever.

That Mediterranean Blue
While planning a Mediterranean cruise, you are most likely daydreaming about crystal clear waters that reflect the brilliant blue of the summer sky. Your daydreams are sure to come true as you finally hop aboard your gulet and observe the environment you thought was only possible in doctored travel magazine photos. That Mediterranean blue is real and will have you weak in the knees throughout the entirety of your cruise.

Quiet Coves and Secluded Beaches
The Aegean and Mediterranean coast of Turkey is full of stunning coves and beaches. Many of them are isolated from any development and are only reachable by boat, making this a top reasons for choosing a gulet experience. It is likely that you can spend hours in a quiet bay, swimming, snorkelling, and relaxing and feasting on board without another boat or tourist in sight. This is a very private experience and is sure to bring you a sense of calm and tranquillity that will sink in and last for days.

Turkish Cuisine
If you haven’t tried it before, you are in for a treat. Turkish cuisine is flavorful and fresh and gulets are known for the exceptional food that is prepared on board. Vegetarians will be especially impressed by the variety available to them for each meal of the day. Shopping for meals is done at local markets and breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared fresh each day. Village cheeses, local olives and eggplant, and freshly caught fish will make your stomach happy during your stay in this appetizing country.

Guaranteed Climate
It is safe to say that your blue cruise voyage will be sunny and warm as summer weather in this region is pleasantly predictable. Evenings are an especially enjoyable temperature and it is possible to even sleep on deck directly under the stars.

Sleep Where Your Eat, Sleep, Swim, and Play
To enjoy all that a blue cruise has to offer, you never have to go very far. After a sound sleep either in your cabin or on a soft cushion on deck, breakfast and coffee are served right on board. In fact, all meals are prepared and served onboard and in-between times, passengers have plenty of opportunity to swim, snorkel, or go ashore in the towns and villages where the gulets drop anchor. Everything about this type of holiday is at your fingertips, inviting simplicity and a stress-free way to enjoy the Turquoise Coast.

Island Hopping
Island hopping is one of the highlights, particularly for cruises that depart to and from Bodrum or Marmaris. Aboard a blue cruise Marmaris, your gulet will tour the 12 islands and Bodrum cruise routes explore either the north or south Decocandese islands that are a part of Greece. If you are having trouble deciding whether Turkey or Greece is the destination for your next holiday, why not do both?!

Shore Excursions
Whether you are exploring isolated bays and beaches or any of the towns and villages along the coast, there is always a reason to go ashore. Kas is a seaside town known for its charm and is the perfect stop along the Olympos to Fethiye route. Culture and history are always to be found in places like Kas, Demre, Gocek, and Fethiye. You will also likely have options to snorkel, scuba dive, kayak, or if you are an adrenaline junkie, parasail high above the panoramic Oludeniz Blue Lagoon.

Accessibility from Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye, and Olympos
Not only are gulet cruises relaxing, invigorating, and affordable with a hard to beat tropical backdrop, they are also incredibly accessible from many port towns along the Mediterranean and Aegean coast. This leaves you with little reason not to finally book your dream gulet cruise in Turkey. Explore your options and hop aboard!