Kemer Best sunsets


The sun sets over the sea and there are numerous places where locals and visitors alike can sit and enjoy the end of the day. Those who may be returning from the mountains will get spectacular views from on high but the majority are likely to be at sea level at the end of the day.

Moonlight Beach
This is the obvious place for the setting of the sun. With bars and restaurants close by and night time entertainment it does not even mean you have to go home before dinner if you have been enjoying the beach all day.

The Marina
There are bars and restaurants around the marina so it is an obvious choice for the evening, even before the sun sets. Temperatures are good so there is no need to go back to change for the evening if you don’t want to do so. Blue cruise Kemer Depart from this marina.

This small village has become popular with tourists who can find all the facilities they need. A beer or wine as the sun goes down might be just the thing.

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