Kemer Restaurants


Merhaba Garden Restaurant serves typical Turkish cuisine while Sibel's Four Seasons Cafe & Restaurant expands into Mediterranean in general. Havuzbasi Restaurant breeds its own trout which joins the menu with many Turkish and Mediterranean favourites.

There are several restaurants around the marina which attract those docking for the night as well as visitors holidaying in Kemer. International cuisine is common and there are several recommended restaurants.

You can have a leisurely dinner without going on the bars and clubs; that is quite sufficient night time entertainment for some fun.

International cuisine
•Casa La Luna Restaurant, a restaurant with great views of town and sea.
•Pirate Captain Restaurant
•Casa De Flor Restaurant & Café
•La Paz Restaurant whose specialty is meat
•Leon Restaurant

•Hannover Pasa Restaurant
•Caglayan (Waterfall) Restaurant where trout is a popular dish to be enjoyed in lovely surroundings, waterfall and pine forest.
•Pasa Kebab which sells what its name suggests.
•Nasrettin Hocha Restaurant

When staying on this coastline it would be criminal not to try the seafood. It is as fresh as it comes whether sea bass, sea bream, red mullet or grouper; many more as well along with calamari, octopus and prawns. Many restaurants have fish on the menu but if you want true specialists try:

•Forellenhof Goynuk Fish & Steak House in Goynuk 
•Sunset Beach Restaurant in Beldibi
•Selale Restaurant in Tekirov
•Natural Balikevi 
•Emek Restaurant 
•Dolphin Fish Restaurant 
•Cardak Restaurant 
•Onyx Restaurant in Tekirova 
•Liman Kahvesi 
•Star Restaurant 
•Karadeniz Bali Evi 
•Campana Restaurant 

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