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Kemer boasts an excellent climate. There will be over 300 days of sun each year and while in winter there are few tourists around, some of the hotels remain open and offer excellent deals for those who want a break in a climate much better than in North and West Europe.

Weather in Kemer in January and February
The year starts with plenty of sunshine but also the likelihood of some rain. Dry days will still exceed wet ones and there is likely to be an average of 7 hours of sunshine on a daily basis throughout these two months. The average temperature may only be around 12C but the highs will reach 20C. Nights might be cold at times, especially after clear days. The sea is at its coldest, around 17C.

Weather in Kemer in March, April and May
As spring arrives so do the tourists and Kemer becomes busier. The local bars, restaurants and shops spring to life. Although the average temperature early in March is only around 13C, it doubles by the end of May when the season is in full swing. Rain is progressively infrequent. The sea is warming up through these weeks. Most gulet cruise Kemer routes also start in May.

Weather in Kemer in June, July and August
Summers are hot by day, sometimes up to 40C, and warm by night. Rain is very unlikely but if it does come it is very welcome, and certainly warm. By now the sea temperature is in the mid-20s but still a relief from the heat of the day. Sun tans guaranteed!

Weather in Kemer in September and October
Temperatures begin to fall in September and by October the average is still above 20. The chances of rain increase as the weeks go by. There should still 9 hours of sunshine each day. The sea temperature will be around 20 and fine for swimming and water sport activities.

Weather in Kemer in November and December
The crowds have gone but the weather though slightly colder is still likely to be pleasant. Rain can occur up to 10 days a month but there is still plenty of sunshine. The sea temperature is likely to drop a little further but it will still compare favourably with summer sea temperatures in North and West Europe.

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