Kemer Shopping


The local market is a tourist attraction in itself. Even if you are not interested in buying fresh fruit and vegetables because you eat at your hotel it is worth seeing what the region produces. It will help explain why the cuisine is so healthy.

Turkey is famous for the quality of its textiles which has made the phrase ‘genuine fakes’ fairly accurate because you can buy quality at competitive prices.

Kemer has two main shopping streets offering traditional Turkish crafts, leather goods, pottery, metalwork and carpets. For further please visit Kemer Guide.

The Bazaar
Visiting the bazaar is educational; it will tell you so much about the region and the life of its people. If you like it ask around because there will be others on different days of the week in nearby villages.

Shopping Streets
You are still expected to barter even in traditional shops although some have their prices marked and that is what you will have to pay. It is worth looking at the jewellery and precious metals available in some shops.

You must remember when shopping you will need space in your suitcase and you do not want something too heavy for your journey home, see how to get to Airport.

One thing you may not have considered is glasses. If you have a current prescription you can get a new pair considerably cheaper than you are likely to find at home.

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