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Tourists come to Kemer for various reasons. Obviously the climate is a major factor but there are several historical sites and areas of natural beauty that bring people to the area. It is very accessible with flights coming in to the City of Antalya to the eas

Mount Chimaera is a natural burning rock described in Greek mythology. The constantly burning fires are as a result of methane and other gases emerging from the rock and burning. 

Phaselis and Olympos are two ancient cities nearby.  Phaselis was a Greek and Roman city originating in the Lycian Empire pre-dating those Empires. The ruins are close to the town of Tekirova just 10 miles to the south of Kemer. Olympos is near the town of Cirali within the Olympos Beydaglari National Park.

Kemer itself has some history: the ruins of Idryos, a Byzantine church and a Seljuk Turkish hunting lodge.

This covers the whole area but there are some specific places that are worth a visit:

Adrasan Bay which has a long stretch of beach.
•Çıralı village and two miles of beach. It is very popular for walkers and forms part of the Lycian Way.
•Üç Adalar (Three Islands) a scuba divers’ paradise, not accessible by road but with restaurants to cater for visitors.
•Göynük Canyon with its beautiful waterfall and stunning flora is a treat for hikers.
•İkiz Kayalar (Twin Rocks) is a stunning sight and a real challenge for climbers
•Ulupınar and its mountain spring water.
•The caves; Beldibi, and the Molla hole in the Tahtalı Mountain.

Even those visitors merely here for a sun tan would be missing something if they did not at least spend a day or two experiencing more of what the area has to offer. Gulet cruise Kemer options also visit these beaches.

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