Marmaris Restaurants


There are many dining options before / after your Marmaris cruise. There are Turkish, English and Western European dishes, fast food as well as some Asian alternatives. Along the ocean and beachfront is a popular destination though it may be slightly more expensive to dine there but Marmaris have great Sunsets. Inevitably with so many visiting tourists the demand and therefore the availability of typical English breakfast, burgers and fried fish and chips is widespread. There is so much more with Mediterranean cuisine regarded as extremely healthy. Fresh fruit and vegetables change with the seasons while olive oil, herbs and spices are a constant.

Begin with Breakfast
Piccadilly has earned a good reputation of a good full breakfast at a reasonable price.

The Queen Vic was made famous in the UK soap, ‘Eastenders’ many years ago. The Marmaris version is becoming well known for the breakfast it serves, primarily to visitors and ex-pat. locals.

A typical Turkish breakfast is an excellent way to start the day. It will includes eggs, a variety of cheeses, yoghurt, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, honey and jam, sometimes chips, plenty of bread and tea. Worth a try and any typically local Turkish café will be happy to oblige.

Top Restaurants in Marmaris
Summer Breeze on the Armultalan Strip is a fine example of a Turkish restaurant which is very family friendly with a good children’s menu. Another specialising in Turkish food is Samdan which those with a sweet tooth will certainly enjoy; the desserts.

Inevitably seafood plays a prominent role in the cuisine and Liman Restaurant in the bazaar is a good choice if you want to sample fresh fish.

Viking Beach Restaurant  
close to the marina is a lovely location with an extensive menu if a little more expensive than places further from the sea. Similarly Gusta Bar and Grill on the harbour is a popular choice.

The Taj Mahal is the place for lovers of Indian food and Happy Brothers for Chinese.