Marmaris Weather


The weather in Marmaris is very good. Even during the winter there is plenty of sunshine and even when it rains the thunderstorms can be spectacular and fun as long as you have shelter. When it comes to a weather forecast Marmaris visitors during the height of summer need not look; wall to wall sunshine and lovely beaches.

Weather in Marmaris in January and February
There will be an average of 7 hours of sunshine during the early weeks of the year. Temperatures can approach 20C on a nice day though the average will be around 12C. The sea has cooled down by now to about 17C.

Weather in Marmaris in March, April and May
Through the weeks of spring through to early summer temperatures rise from around 17C up to 26C. The sea is also on the move up towards 20C. There is still a little rain from time to time, less as it gets towards Mid-May. Direct flights in to Dalaman begin in March and increase in number as summer approaches. May is best time to start Blue voyage Marmaris.

Weather in Marmaris in June, July and August
These months are almost certain to be dry, and midday temperatures will exceed 30C with the average not much lower. The sea has warmed up to the mid-20s and is an extremely good place to cool off. As the sun sets it is a pleasure to sit in shorts and T shirt with a relaxing drink before hitting the busy streets to enjoy Marmaris' famed ightlife.

Weather in Marmaris in September and October
There are many people who prefer to visit just as temperatures begin to cool ever so slightly. However even by the end of October temperatures are still likely to be around 25C. The sea’s temperature is still more than 20C. There may be a little rain but it will be warm and sometimes very welcome.

Weather in Marmaris in November and December
Winter is here and although temperatures now average below 20, there is still plenty of sunshine. December is probably the wettest month but even then it should never rain more than 10 days in the month. The sea is less welcoming at around 18C.