Marmaris Top attractions


There is plenty to see for those wanting a break from sun, seas and sand. In many instances it involves a little travel and whenever you are out in the sun on these activities you should protect your head from the sun and carry plenty of water especially in the heart of peak of the summer weather. Some tourists never venture far, particularly those who have all-inclusive deals. They are missing something if they stay around their hotels.

Marmaris Castle
The Castle in Marmaris that was first constructed in 3000 BC has a colourful history. It was restored by Alexander the Great in 334BC then it became a very important strategic location for the Ottomans attacking the Knights of St. John in Rhodes. Since 1979 it has been part of a restoration project by the Ministry of Culture. It is now a museum with seven galleries. The largest is an exhibition hall and the courtyard decorated with seasonal flowers. 

The Greek Island of Rhodes is an easy day trip. It’s a chance to visit another country for a few hours as well as simply enjoying time on the sea. There are some Blue cruise Marmaris options going to Rhodes as well.

The Bazaar
Shopping is an experience in Turkey and although there are modern shops, the bazaar is the real place to haggle over everything from clothing to leather and wonderful fresh fruit.

Nimara Cave
Nature lovers will love this cave, as will those interested in history. Greek historian Herodotus explains it was a place of worship as far back as 3000 BC though excavations suggest there was human presence many centuries earlier. The cave in on Heaven Island and it has received protected status; it has a significant population of butterflies in the summer.