Rhodes Best beaches


There are beaches all over the island. Those who select their base and just want to relax can probably just stay where they are to enjoy the local one but these come especially recommended. Our Rhodes Bodrum cruise on gulet would be stoping on some of these. 

St Pauls Bay
This beach in Lindos is certainly worth a visit. Wonderful for swimmers there is still nothing to stop you just relaxing and getting some sun rays; there will be plenty around.

Tsambika Beach 
This is a lovely sandy beach that is a great and safe environment.

Anthony Quinn Bay
Anthony Quinn was Mexican but will always be associated with the film ‘Zorba the Greek’. This beach in Faliraki ensures his memory lives on. 

Agathi Beach 
This beach in Haraki is highly recommended for those that enjoy snorkelling. 

Pefkos Beach
Pefkos is a good base for a holiday; it has its own beach and plenty to do when the sun goes down. 

Lindos Beach
Lindos has plenty to offer; its history, the beach and then plenty of entertainment in the evening. Lindos Beach is one of Top attraction of Rhodes island.

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