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There are plenty of reminders of the history of the Island and Island and tours can be arranged for those who like an experienced guide to provide background information for what they are seeing.

Old Town
It is not really important to have any assistance to explore this World Heritage site.
Palace of Grand Master of Knights (Rhodes Town) 
This is an impressive Gothic Palace that will get your imagination going.
Archaeological Museum of Rhodes
There are many exhibits from the time when the Knights occupied this Island.
Kahal Kadosh Shalom Synagogue
This synagogue in the Old Town is also a museum.
Further Rhodes Guide.

Those interested in history should certainly visit the ruins in Lindos. The Acropolis is probably the highlight and this is an instance where a guided tour can make the visit more interesting. Incidentally there is another Acropolis within Rhodes Town itself.

•Monastery Tsambika (Kolimbia)
•The Church of the Panagia (Lindos Beach)
•Church of Our Lady of Filerimos (Rhodes Town)

You can also join on blue cruise bodrum from Rhodes. 

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