Rhodes Best sunsets


There are few more spectacular sights than seeing the colour as the sun dips down out to sea and over the horizon for another day. Whatever vantage point you select you are likely to see colours of gold ranging through orange to red. In the months of summer there is rarely a cloud in the sky to the sight is virtually guaranteed. If you were on the highest point of the Island at around 4,000 feet, the sight might be better again but few would bother to do that because of the wide range of alternatives down on the coast.

Many hotels have excellent sea views. Even though you do not have to change for dinner in an informal place like Rhodes, if you are in your room and you have a balcony, watching the sun set with glass in hand is a real experience.

Rhodes Cruise Harbour
Cafes, bars and restaurants line the sea front on many of the towns and villages in Rhodes. The harbour in the main town is no exception and a great place to watch the sun go down. This is where our Bodrum cruise arrive / depart from. 

The Beaches
It is often difficult to drag yourself away from the beach especially as temperatures remain impressive even at nightfall. If you do stay for an extra hour you can watch the sun fall, perhaps standing in the sea, camera in hand.

On the Waves
Those who are cruising the sea may even feel they are closer to the sun as it sets. Of course it is an illusion but…

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