How to get to Rhodes


Rhodes is a very accessible island from air and sea. It has its own international airport while its ferry links go both to other Greek Islands, the Mainland as well as to the port of Marmaris on the Turkish mainland. The majority of the traffic is from the beginning of spring to the start of winter though there are still regular links throughout the winter those tourist numbers are small and some of the tourist shops are closed. If you are travelling from or going to Turkey, you can also join to our Blue Cruise Bodrum.

The airport is just 10 miles from Rhodes Town with transfers readily available to all parts of the Island.

Flights fall into three categories; scheduled/domestic and seasonal with the latter by far the largest. The airport is the 4th largest in Greece with annual traffic around 4.5 million. There are year round links to Athens of course and among other flights out of Rhodes is one down to the tiny island of Meis east down the coastline of Turkey.

Charter traffic is enormous with Western European charter companies such as Ryanair, Thomas Cook and Scandinavian Airlines prominent. Aegean Airlines is the main customer but Aeroflot brings passengers from Russia with other traffic links into the Balkan States, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

While some visitors arrive by yacht and gulet, private charters along this wonderful coastline and indeed some come on cruises, the majority of arrivals at Rhodes come from commercial ferries. Turkey is close by and links with Marmaris are on a daily basis. There are many other Greek Islands accessed from Rhodes such as Symi, Kos and even Santorini.

Rhodes car hire is readily available although transfer from entry point to accommodation is easy to arrange. There are organized tours of the island, minibuses and taxis.

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