Bodrum Best activities


The beaches of Bodrum  are a great place to enjoy the sun and have a swim. Between the castle and Halikarnas the beach is pebbles and there is a roped off area to prevent boats coming into shore and getting too close to swimmers. There are sunbeds although the restaurants that own them will come and offer you food and drinks regularly. Another option is to go to Gumbet or Bitez where there are sandy beaches and clear shallow water. There will be loud music and water sports and you could hire your own boat for a trip around the bay.

Other activities include a visit to a hamam for a traditional Turkish bath, windsurfing, diving and various boat tours that allow you to explore the various beaches and some of the smaller islands that are not accessible by road.

Markets are fun and a real experience, especially haggling over souvenirs, leather and clothing.

Blue Cruise
The waters around the Bodrum Peninsula are spectacular; clear as crystal and warm. There are few greater pleasures than sailing on these seas, swimming, diving and perhaps even catching dinner by casting a line. On Bodrum blue voyage Sun tans are guaranteed and those who just want to lie back and relax are welcome to do so.

In the high season you could take a direct boat service to Greece, perhaps Kos or Symi or perhaps take a tour further afield to places such as Ephesus or Pamukkale. These tours head east past Milas Airport  to meet the road running north –south, parallel to the Aegean Coast.

This Greek Island just a few miles from Bodrum was the home of Hippocrates. It is the third largest of the Dodecanese Islands, long and narrow with plenty of lovely beaches. Greek cuisine has some differences from that in Turkey but in both cases the food is fresh, tasty and healthy.

Symi is a small mountainous Greek Island which made its living on shipbuilding and sponges. Those days of industry have gone and the population has shrunk to 10% of what it was at its peak; just 2,500 but bolstered by tourists during the summer season.

While Ephesus is over two hours north of Bodrum, tours from Bodrum to Ephesus are extremely popular and well-organised. Ephesus is one of the best archaeological sites in the world. At its height its population was 250,000 and the ruins of the city are extremely well preserved, though the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World no longer stands. There are many highlights and within a day’s tour visitors may also go to the Church of St. John and the House of the Virgin Mary.

Pamukkale is over 3 hours’ drive from Bodrum but those happy to have an overnight stay may wish to combine it with a visit to Ephesus. It is a wonderful natural site where thermal springs have deposited calcium in spectacular steps, with cataracts, stalactites and basins. The thermal waters incidentally have been valued for their therapeutic powers since Roman times.