Bodrum Top attractions


There is plenty to see in Bodrum Turkey  though visitors must remember that if they intend to walk around during the day in months like July and August the weather is hot; they must take plenty of water with them and cover their heads against the sun.

Bodrum Castle
The Castle is the most notable landmark in Bodrum. This 15th Century Castle has lovely gardens and a great view. It was built as defence against the Seljuk Turks and for a while was a refuge for Christians. The rise of the Ottomans resulted in the surrender of the Knights in Rhodes in the early 16th Century and it involved the handing over of the Bodrum Castle  whose chapel then became a mosque. Located near Bodrum cruise harbour

The Underwater Archaeology Museum 
The museum includes items recovered from the sea and an explanation of how underwater archaeologists operate. It gave the Castle a use in the modern day. There are exhibits from a number of shipwrecks over the years including:

•Finike-Gelidonya shipwreck (12th century BC)

•Bodrum-Yassiada shipwreck (Byzantine, 7th century AD
•Bodrum -Yassiada shipwreck (Late Roman, 4th century AD)
•Bodrum-Yassiada shipwreck (Ottoman, 16th century AD) 
•Marmaris-Serce harbour shipwreck (glass, 11th century AD)

In addition there are several small exhibitions ranging from vases from Mycenaean times to one of the largest ancient glass collections in the world.

Ancient Ruins

The Mausoleum

The Mausoleum was built around 350BC but was destroyed by earthquakes beginning in the 12th Century. What is left of the Mausoleum of Mausolus, only really the foundations, is an open air museum open every day except Monday.


The Ancient Amphitheatre dating back 2,000 years is actually on the main highway to Gumbet. It was begun during the reign of Mausolus but was extended by the Romans in the 2nd Century AD. It had a 
capacity of 13,000 and is still in fairly good condition and hosts concerts and shows during high season.

Ottoman Tower

The Ottoman Tower dates back to the end of the 18th Century; its function was to protect the Ottoman naval shipyard from the possibility of pirate raids. In recent years it has undergone some restoration and while that was going on remains of some Roman baths were discovered.

Myndos Gate

Mausolus constructed the Myndos Gate in 364 BC and has recently undergone restoration. It was where one of the bloodiest battles during the siege by Alexander the Great took place. His tactics were to place wooden towers and catapults directed towards the Myndos Gate.

Modern Sights

The Zeki Muren Museum

Zeki was Turkey’s Elvis Presley and his former house has been converted into a museum by the Ministry of Culture. It includes his wardrobe, his drawings and other items that represent his career. It is open every day except Monday.