Gocek Best activities


Gocek is synonymous with yachts, 12 Islands and Blue Cruises. Tourists picking Gocek will certainly have a love for the sea and they won’t be disappointed. Some merely stop en route along the coastline while others take accommodation in Gocek  and use it as their base.

12 Islands
This popular tour is the ideal way to see the uninhabited islands off shore with plenty of opportunities to swim during the stops during the day. The waters are crystal clear and warm, very appealing to anyone that enjoys a swim. A tour like this will certainly include a good lunch with BBQ food and salads. 

If you want true independence then you should hire your own yacht or gulet. You can select your itinerary, heading east or west. Along the way you can stop at any of the delightful and quiet coves and stay as long as you like, day or night.

Gocek sits below impressive mountains which offer many hiking trails within its forests. There will be wild boar but they tend to avoid human contact by day, and you are unlikely to want to be out at night.

Fishing is an option, especially from aboard a boat. Red mullet is probably the fish most commonly caught but there is also sea bass, sea bream and bonito from the tuna family.

The club on the main road from the D Marina has 4 clay courts, lessons for beginners and refreshments after your exercise.