Gocek Best sunsets


The sun sets out at sea all year round. During the weeks of summer you can expect virtually cloudless skies and therefore a clear view of the sun going down. The result is fantastic colours; gold, orange and red.

Gocek Promenade
Summer weather as already mentioned is very good. Temperatures remain warm and casual is the dress of the day. Visitors can relax at one of the bars, cafes and restaurants on the seafront and watch as the sun disappears from view.

At Se
If you are cruising offshore, you can watch the sun go down wherever you have anchored for the night.

Inlice Beac
There is little need to dash away from the beach just because time is getting on. Why not wait until you see the sun set before heading back to your accommodation to prepare for dinner?

This long stretch of sand is a great day out. The small village close by has plenty of bars and restaurants as well if you want to stay until late before heading back to Gocek.