Kas Best activities


Kas is made for the active but there is nothing to stop visitors just relaxing, catching the sun and enjoying the area around the harbour. It is obviously tempting to go out to sea and most do at some time during their holiday. The mountains behind offer plenty of opportunity for hiking and climbing while the calm seas certainly attract those who want to kayak or canoe. Visit Kas weather page before planning your visit.

The famous Lycian Way walk passes this way, an adventure of several days’ walking from Fethiye to Antalya.

If you are in Kas on Republic Day, 29th October, you can expect to see huge celebrations and you will be welcome to join in. There is music and dancing, parades and just plenty of fun. 

There are plenty of dive centres and plenty of things for scuba divers to explore. There are plenty of fish to see and probably octopus and turtles even if you do not head for any wrecks. There are six artificial wrecks that create reefs under the water as well as an aeroplane, a DC3 from World War II. 

There is a wreck from the 1950s just out of the harbour while "Kaş Archaeopark Site" is an experimental archaeology project run by Underwater Research Society.

The Greek Island of Meis is about 40 minutes away. It is an imposing rock which actually has an airstrip on the top with flights to Rhodes. Taking off and landing is surely spectacular? You can spend a few hours on this island which was once home to thousands. Meis’ strategic position during World War II led to most leaving, often for Australia,

There is a small museum with more on the Island’s history, a small harbour with plenty of nice restaurants and cafes and of course you can buy duty free before returning to Turkey.

Day trips
There are many uninhabited islands off shore and boats are available for hire for the day to go wherever you want. Your captain will have plenty of good advice on the subject. The decisions will be yours and you will have independence for the day, not unlike those who cruise these waters and put down anchor wherever they want, except directly above the sunken city on Kekova Island; that is forbidden. There are also verious Gulet cruise Kas routes if you wish to spend few days on a Gulet.