Kas Best beaches


There is plenty of access to the sea but in most cases it is just in small pebbly coves. They are also great places to lay out a towel and sunbathe. In some cases there are small cafes and restaurants which have loungers to use if you are a customer. It’s not easy but you may decide that it is one of your missions on a day trip on the sea with Gulet cruise Kas trips. The coves are plentiful and quiet.

Kucuk Cakil (Little Pebble)
This little area is in the centre of Kas though the water may be cooler than elsewhere because there is spring water coming out of the ground nearby. In the height of summer it is sometimes a relief.

Buyuk Cakil (Big Pebble)
There is a large beach about a 10 minute walk out of Kas. There are cafes, umbrellas and sun beds if you become a customer. In the heat of the day you will need shade.

This is a little further from town and tends to be quiet. The water is shallow and perfectly safe for swimming.

If you are prepared to go as little further but you cannot walk there, this beach is pleasant. You can either walk or take a small boat for a few lira.

This beach is a 20 minute dolmus ride west towards Kalkan the first town en route to Fethiye and beyond to Dalamand, the airport where many people arrive. There are no facilities there but it is a beautiful sandy area. There are steps down to the beach from the roadside.