Kas Weather


Weather in Kas in January and February
While the sea may be a little choppier once you leave the harbour it is still at an average temperature of 17C; the crossing to Meis is usually fine. There is still an average of 7 hours of sunshine per day over the two months and while this is the wettest part of the year, it should not rain on more than 10 days. Average temperatures are around 12C but on some days they will still approach 20C.

Weather in Kas in March, April and May
Spring moves into summer and the temperatures which only average 13C at the beginning of this period will be double that by the end of May. The sea is warming up as well with temperatures around 20C. Rainfall is infrequent with it becoming rarer the closer to summer it gets. Our blue cruise Kas itineraries all start in April.

Weather in Kas in June, July and August
You can expect hot weather throughout this period and it is rare that there is other than cloudless skies. At times it may reach 40C while even at night time it will never fall below around 25C so you can enjoy the Kas nightlife outside. That is the sea temperature by now and its crystal blue appearances makes it ever more inviting. Click to see how to get to Kas in June, July, august.

Weather in Kas in September and
Autumn is very pleasant. The temperature will have dropped a little but it is still T shirt and shorts weather, even at night as you sit in a restaurants.  There may be a little rain into October but it will be warm and quite refreshing. The sea remains around 20C though the temperature will be falling by the end of October.

Weather in Kas in November and December
The arrival of winter means that Kas becomes much quieter although the climate is still fairly good. There may be 10 days of rain in December but there is plenty of sunshine too. The sea reaches its lowest temperature at the turn of the year to about 18C, slightly higher than the usual top temperatures while lows can drop to single figures.