Kas Restaurants


Turkish cuisine is healthy, based upon fresh fruit and vegetables, olives, herbs and spices. Places like Kas have the freshest fish you can imagine while chicken, lamb and beef will also be on all menus. There are restaurants around the harbour and many of the hotels have good dining facilities as well. Some restaurants in Kas have great sunsets.

Kas Centre
Near Kas cruise harbour. Bi Lokma is a small family restaurant offering the best of Turkish cuisine. You can get an excellent Turkish breakfast if it is not part of your accommodation deal and it is still open for dinner as the sun goes down. Meydan Restaurant is another that offers Turkish food as well as such things as pizza.

Sultan Garden, Seckin, Deli Kofte and Bahce are others worth a visit.

The Peninsula
Restaurants on the Peninsula tend to be based within the hotels. Peninsula Gardens is probably the top restaurant with Diva Residence is another of note.

Seafood Specialists
Bahce Balik (Fish Garden) offers prawns, octopus and a range of fish, mostly cooked fairly simply, often accompanied by a salad and if you follow the way that locals eat fish, washed down with raki, the national drink of Turkey. Nur a la Carte is another excellent alternative while Smileys is right on the harbour. Perhaps a fourth to try is Mercan Restaurant.