Kas Top attractions


There is something for everyone in Kas, sun and a clear blue sea, sites of cultural and historical interest and plenty to do at night

Hellenistic Theatre
The ancient theatre and acropolis sit above the harbour and look out across the sea to Meis. Concerts are held in the theatre while there is also an annual Arts Festival.

Other ruins
The remains of the old city of Komba are in the village of Gombe nearby. Kas was the port for the ancient Lycian city of Phellos. It was first mentioned in 7th Century BC and its location is in the mountains above Kas. Apollonia is a further settlement from Lycian times.

Just to the east of Kas is Demre and Kekova Island. There are a variety of sunken wrecks while there is a sunken city on the north of the island which is protected but worth looking at within the restrictions of access. The cause of sunken city as earthquakes and the details of many of the buildings is remarkable. Day trips usually involve a visit to Simena and its castle from where there are tremendous views out to see if you have the energy for the climb. It is worth it. Most Blue cruise Kas gulet routes also visit Kekova.