Kas Nightlife


The climate is good enough for everyone to be sitting outside right through the summer months into autumn. A town of this size does not need night clubs because there is plenty of late bars playing music and often there are live acts as well.

There are several lively bars to enjoy late into the night if you have the energy. If you are not a ‘late bird’ because you are interested in using your days to enjoy the environment, history and culture you can leave revellers to it. Restaurants are open late you are encouraged to take your time.

Kas Bars
If you have a couple of weeks, you should work your way through these and pick your favourites:
•Barcelona Bar
•Hideaway Café & Bar
•Deco Stop Bar
•Oxygen Pub
•Queen Bar
•Old House Bar
•HiJazz Bar
•Redpoint Café & Bar.

By now you should have found at least a couple you want to return to. If you want a place that probably ranks as a club then try Redpoint, which is located not far from Kas cruise harbour.