Fethiye Shopping


Fethiye Turkey is a shoppers’ delight. It offers modern shopping to those either staying in hotels and villas and also to those who are lucky enough to sail in on a blue cruise Fethiye, traditional shops offering products that demonstrate a range of local skills and a large weekly market with everything from clothing, shoes and leather goods to fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables is a must-see whilst here in Fethiye. Private yacht charters come from further afield to stock up as this is a hub for many of the surrounding towns and villages.

Modern shopping
Erasta AVM is a new shopping mall that has many of the famous clothing brands in Turkey, modern electronics. Closer to the main Fethiye harbour where Fethiye blue cruise departs from, there are many modern shops selling fashions, precious metals etc., intermingled with tourist shops, restaurants cafes and coffee bars.

Traditional Shops
Turkey is renowned for its textiles and people able to identify quality from ordinary will be able to buy real bargains. There are also shops selling carpets, leather goods, pottery and lighting as well as herbs and spices. Many of these shops are in the Old Town.

Weekly Market
The market is not too far away from the harbour and it takes place every Tuesday all year round. Turkish markets are a real experience and even if you are not interested in buying fruit and vegetables you should walk around that section to see the fantastic range on offer.

Shoppers seeking ‘genuine fakes’ as they are often described will find that the best quality in the market is as good as the brands themselves. Turkey is famous for its textiles so why shouldn’t they be?