Fethiye Best activities


The priority of many holidaymakers is a suntan whilst sailing the Mediterranean's warm waters. During the summer months in Fethiye that is guaranteed on your Gulet cruise Fethiyevacation. The sea is a delight and those that want to relax can do so while taking an occasional dip. The more energetic have plenty of opportunities to enjoy sports ranging from diving and canoeing to paragliding, off the Babadag Mountain, standing over 6000 feet high behind the Oludeniz lagoon watching as many yacht charter Fethiye gulets cruise by.

This is the best beach in the area and is around 45 minutes from the center of Fethiye, largely because the roads are busy in the high season. It may be easier to get there by sea and there is plenty of opportunities to do so.

Butterfly Valley
Butterfly Valley is a steep-sided canyon running down to the sea and the easiest access is via the sea. It is a lovely natural area where you can even camp overnight. It is famous for its butterflies though the biggest is a moth, the Jersey Tiger. Many different species are flying around through the weeks of high summer while there are a waterfall, small stream, and various flora.

12 Islands
The 12 Islands Tour is one of the most popular choices offered at the harbourside. There are plenty of opportunities to swim as boats will stop a few times during the day. Lunch will be served as well and you will be back in time for dinner at your restaurant of choice.

Blue Cruise Fethiye
There is a variety of routes, you can get Turkish gulets and join Blue Cruise Fethiye. An experienced captain and crew could make this cruise the best day of your life.

Private Boat Hire
You can get your boat and decide where you want to go. An experienced captain will have plenty of ideas if you are not familiar with the area. There are coves and small islands as well as a warm, crystal-blue sea.

Saklikent Gorge is an hour southeast of Fethiye, a stunning location on the Teke Peninsula. You can walk in the waters which are ice cold though in the heat of a summer’s day you might welcome it. The water is coming down from the mountains which are a distinctive feature of this part of Turkey.