Fethiye Best sunsets


The sun sets over the horizon and bursts of colour look as if the sea is on fire, no matter how many times you watch the sun go down, something stirs deep within. Somehow from the deck of a yacht as you sail Fethiye everything is that little more extra special, maybe it's the ice-cold drink in hand after a hot summers day or the company you are surrounded by, or maybe it's just that us humans can not get enough of this glorious spectacle.
If you have always dreamt of sailing towards one of these incredible sunsets then Fethiye yacht hire is the answer, at Farout, we await the possibility to fulfil all your dreams.

Calıs Beach
There is a long promenade where you can sit and relax in a bar with a beer to watch the sun go down. Indeed there is a water taxi from Fethiye to Calis which allows you to enjoy a short trip on the see as the sun disappears.

Fethiye Cruise Harbour
The waterfront from the Old Town heading along the coast is being expanded all the time. There is a promenade where people can stroll towards the end of the day or sit with a drink before finding a Fethiye restaurant for dinner. Sunset is a lovely time to do this.

Oludeniz Beach closes at night but that does not mean there are not places for those staying in Hisonaru or Oludeniz to enjoy the sun going down. This whole area is mountainous with some great vantage points over the sea, and the sun going down.

Old Town
There are some roads on high looking across the harbour. The setting is even more beautiful with the red/orange/yellow sky of a sunset.