Fethiye Weather


The weather in Fethiye is excellent. Winters are mild and short even though there is the likelihood of some rain. Temperatures rise towards 40C in high season with nights still very warm, meaning we have the perfect weather to sleep under a blanket of stars on a Fethiye blue cruise.

Weather in Fethiye in January and February
The year begins with the chance of rain at any time but still an average of 7 hours of sunshine daily. Temperatures average around 12C with a high of 15 and a low of 8. Sea temperatures are generally 17C and bathers will venture in on sunny days. Some hotel options are closed through the winter months incidentally.

Weather in Fethiye in March, April, and May
Average temperatures begin to rise in March and reach 20C by mid-May. Rain is still around but unlikely to be on more than 6 days a month. The sea temperature will rise a little. The top temperature in March should be around 17C with 26C at the May high when the average will exceed 20C. Private yacht charters Fethiye routes start after beginning in April.

Weather in Fethiye in June, July, and August
There should be blue skies throughout these summer months with little chance of rain. Average temperatures are in the upper 20C and highs are rarely below 30C. The sea is warm; 24/5C; is the perfect temperature for the beach.

Weather in Fethiye in September and October
Temperatures begin to fall slightly in September while in October 25C will be the high, 20C the average. There is still no problem sitting relaxing and enjoying the beautiful Fethiye environment. Rainfall is still rare though the chances increase the later it gets in the year. The average of 9 hours of sunshine is still very good. The sea will be 20C.

Weather in Fethiye in November and December
Winter gradually arrives in November though the highs of 19 and 8 hours of sun are still impressive. December is the likeliest for rainfall though there will still be sunnier than rainy days. The sea temperature drops to 18C, slightly higher than the top daytime temperature.