Fethiye Top attractions


There is such variety in Fethiye and its immediate surroundings. Blue Cruise Fethiye is the best way to visit the coastline around Fethiye. Here is the best attraction on land:

Lycian Rock Tombs
The Amintas Rock Tombs are on the cliff face behind the town. They are around 2400 years old and the view from above over the bay is also stunning. It’s quite a steep walk but worth it though take plenty of water in the hot weather of the day.

Lycian sarcophagi are found around the town. The best one is in the yard of the governor’s office while another is in the middle of the road towards the tombs and Kayakoy.

The amphitheater is close to the harbor looking out to the bay. In front there is the statue commemorating Fetih Bey, a Turkish pilot who was killed attempting a solo flight to Cairo; the town was renamed in his honor having previously been called ‘Megri.’

Kayakoy is an abandoned village; when the Turkish Republic was founded in 1923, the Greeks living in this village left and no one has lived in the houses since there are plenty of restaurants nearby to cater to visitors. The village was the setting for some of the final shots in the Russell Crowe 2015 film about Gallipoli ‘The Water Diviner.’ Close by there are also the ruins of a monastery worth seeing in Afkule; it’s a matter of following the signposts.

This is an ancient city dating back to times before Christ. It is about half an hour out of Fethiye and has tombs, a theatre, Roman baths, an agora, and a temple.

Other Ruins
The Tomb of Amyntas was built by the Ancient Civilization of the Lycians around 350 BC. It is worth going to the Fethiye Museum which has many ancient artifacts on display and explains much about the civilization.