Rhodes Blue Cruises Turkey

Rhodes is a stepping stone between the Greek Islands and Turkey. A popular island on its own it does attract many people from Greece and also Turkey. There are quite a few blue cruise gulet holidays that pass through Rhodes. Whether they stop for one day or more you will not be disappointed with your time on this gorgeous Greek Island. 

Don’t miss it!
1) One of the highlights of Rhodes is the Ancient Medieval City. The beautiful structures that you find scattered throughout include the Palace of the Grand Masters, the Old Hospital, and the Street of Knights. These were all built under the rule of the Order of St John that occupied Rhodes from 1309 to 1523. Now the medieval streets are mainly filled with cafes, bars, restaurants, and shopping but you can still feel the authenticity of ancient times before.

2) Lindos is a beach area of Rhodes and is also very famous for its ancient sights. The beaches are probably the most popular on the island not only for their beauty but it’s also for where you can climb up to the Acropolis of Lindos which dates back to 342 B.C. The steep climb is well worth the ancient ruins but also the sweeping views over Lindos Bay and St Pauls Bay.

3) If you want to escape the crowds of the Medieval City and the main harbor of Rhodes then get out to Tsambika Beach. There is nothing there but a long stretch of golden sand and the beautiful ocean. It is the perfect place to escape for some time out swimming and total relaxation. On the rocky outcrop overlooking the beach stands the Tsambika Monastery. For beautiful views, it can be well worth the visit.

Best places to eat!
You can never really go wrong with Greek food. They have some of the most amazing fresh ingredients all year round. On Rhodes, you are spoilt for not only the beautiful freshness of the food but their accessibility to the seafood. There are so many great places to eat but these are the ones we think should get a mention.

1) Tamam is found in the old town this place prides itself on tasty good food. Although the name is Turkish you will be served up some of the most delicious Greek food that the local chefs have to offer. The portions are large and there is a large variety to choose from on the menu. It is a quaint small place that adds to its popularity so be sure to wait around for a table.

2) Ambrosia is found in Lindos. We like this restaurant of choice for its friendly and welcoming staff and the menu has so much to choose from. The delicious cuisine is all served to match the local and imported wines. Be sure to make this a place to eat at as you maybe visit more than once.

3) Hermes is the pick of the bunch for a cheap but good feed. The menu is very reasonably priced for Rhodes. The service is efficient and friendly and the servings are plentiful. For a great street food type experience in a restaurant then Hermes is your pick.

Best places to drink!
It is safe to say that Rhodes and especially Lindos is well known for its lively nightlife. Here you will be sure to find a bar or nightclub that will be just what you are looking for. We think these are well worth hunting down in your time in Rhodes.

1) Socratous Garden is a hidden oasis right in the heart of the old town of Rhodes. This is a great little garden bar that serves up deliciously cold drinks on those hot days and has a beautiful shaded garden to escape the summer heat.

2) Sting Club is the place to party all night. If you want to dance the night away then this is a great pick. The staff are friendly, drinks are reasonable and there is always music of all choices being played.

3) Courtyard Bar is a must when you visit Lindos. Owned by the infamous Jack, you will be welcomed as if you are an old friend coming back to visit. There is always entertainment and one night of the week Jack gets out and plays local music with his family. A spot not to miss whilst in Lindos.

Gulet Cruises starting from Rhodes
With Rhodes being in proximity to Turkey it does make it one of the most popular blue cruise destinations in Greece. Most of the gulet cruises that incorporate the Greek Islands will either visit Rhodes or you can also start or end a cruise here depending on your choice. There are popular 7-day Turkish gulets cruises that give you the best of both country's shorelines in a perfect time frame. Your blue cruise experience that visits Rhodes will surely be a highlight of your trip.